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>> clark: i like what they've shown in terms of grit, and tenacity, and persistence, even when they went down by 17 earlier in this half. >> tim: you just wonder when, in a scramble situation, what guard might pick up a fifth foul. ware is rejected by cauley-stein. >> clark: get back into play if you're cauley-stein, you don't want to take yourself out of the play by diving unnecessarily. >> tim: shot clock at 10. smith. >> clark: i thought siva may have committed a foul before we went to the last time out. big-boy basketball. >> greg: they're going to let the players determine the outcome. good decision here. coming back, we'll see two ball handlers now, two decision makers and playmakers for louisville with seven on the clock. >> tim: only seven where the
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scouting report comes into play and the length and the 7'4" wingspan of nerlens noel to go with it. no time off the clock -- the shot clock. still seven to shoot. behanan. nice pass. dieng. count the basket. goaltending on noel. >> greg: the poise and the patience by behanan and the find. great recognition by louisville, end of game, end of clock situations. that's how you develop chemistry and trust on the floor that your teammate is going to make the right play. >> clark: that was a big-time play by behanan. big time. >> tim: harrow. baseline. not there. cauley-stein the rebound. reach by chane behanan.
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>> greg: there was a goaltend but the play was called on the ground. >> clark: that was close. >> greg: it was close. >> clark: it looked to me as though he was getting into his shooting motion. >> tim: that's what john is talking about. >> greg: there is no doubt it was a goaltend but the key is that the call was made on the floor. they did not get the continuation. >> tim: it's the third foul on behanan and the woes at the free throw lineup continue for kentucky. >> clark: you like that yng man's motor. he just needs to become a little more proficient at the foul line. >> tim: they've missed their last five as a team, and we have another lane violation. >> clark: deep breath. step off. concentrate on your mechanics. >> greg: this is a tough call for the officials because everybody is assuming he's going
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you're trying to get in and procure that basket, that rebound. unfortunately, he didn't disappoint. he was unable to convert. they are going to look at their inability to make the freebies down the stretch. >> clark: 10 of 22. >> tim: it becomes a liability -- as good as he's been all day long, cauley-stein becomes a liability. miss on another blow-by. >> clark: so hard, young fellow, he's bringing it. >> greg: he always does. he's got that kind of heart and relentless posture and attitude from his bad, big russ. -- from his dad. big russ.
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>> tim: all right, fellows. let's talk about defensive strategy for john calipari. down by six. >> clark: somehow on you have to keep russ smith from getting to the basket. you can't allow a guy to get all the way to the goal. you've got to make louisville shoot perimeter shots if you're kentucky. >> greg: the advantage for louisville is they play him off the ball so he doesn't have to face five sets of eyes when he's being utilized within the offense -- makes it much more difficult to provide help. >> clark: a little fullcourt
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pressure here. >> tim: attention siva. he's so crafty. draws the foul from cauley-stein. how smart was that. >> greg: i understand what you are trying to do right now from calipari's standpoint but i don't know that your team is experienced enough. that's a senior play there. understanding he's got cauley-stein running full speed, and he forces that foul. that's why in these situations you want to keep it simple for the young fellow and not put him in a position where he can do harm. >> tim: pitino calls him the best point guard in america and, of course, he's going to promote the brand. i get that. siva, though, has improved in the area where he needed to in the off-season and that was with his shot. clearly. >> clark: 84% on the season from the line. and he's a little banged up. you can tell, he's not 100% in his lower body, but this kid is such a competitor. such a charismatic leader in an understated kind of way with
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this group. >> greg: everyone talks about the improved shot. to me it's more the improved decision making. when you get good decision-making, it trickles down throughout the rest of your team and that's why they have been so much better in the haventh halfcourt in terms of execution. . >> clark: got to hit one sometime. >> tim: that could be confidence builder the transfer from wright state needed.
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>> clark: until this shot from julius mays, he had been bageled from the floor. 0-6. but stepped into that one confidently and brings his team to within five, and he shoots it really well over the course of his career. he's hit a bit of a bump the last few games, but that shot going down very well could set him up for another one. >> tim: you see kentucky with one time out remaining. dieng bothered at midcourt. >> clark: don't open up the floor if you're kentucky. upon >> tim: three ball not there for blackshear, and it's pulled down by noel. a bucket here and it's game on, the rest of the way. goodwin wants it. sees it. cannot get it to go. >> clark: got a great look. probably could have gone to the left hand there. >> tim: reach-in foul.
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tough sequence for the wildcats there. >> greg: this is really an example with a young team. there is so much time left, you don't need to foul there but you talked about it, goodwin showing the ability to attack the rim here in this second half, just not able to get it -- yeah, there is a little bit of contact but we've seen it on both ends. the officials are letting them determine the outcome of the game. >> clark: and i don't mind that at all. again, i thought he could are gone to the left hand because he had to shoot his back-up across his body while going away from the goal. that would have been the case where the left hand would have been ideally positioned for that finish. >> tim: louisville hit six of their last six from the line but that by blackshear was key. >> greg: the other thing from kentucky's standpoint, i think we're starting to see their identity. they are really growing up right in front of our eyes. you're seeing now, their players are getting the shots that their talent dictates. >> clark: now you don't need to rush anything.
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execute, get high quality shots, louisville has to be able to defend without fouling. >> tim: goodwin has it rejected by dieng. he stays with it, though, out of bounds to louisville. >> greg: i call him the great white shark. every now and then -- you see him get out of the paint here, unafraid to contest from 22 feet for the big fellow. that's what i call a winning play by dieng. >> tim: quickly doubled. he lost it. goodwin has it. on the wing. harrow decide to drive. he knew he threw that one away. mays was wide open at the top just beyond the three-point arc and he missed him. the cardinals turned it over for the first time in 11 minutes.
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>> tim: as you look at the game reset, for both of you, do you take a switch shot to maybe get an extra possession or no? >> greg: i think you lean toward the quick shot but it's got to be a quality shot. >> clark: you want to be in position. in college you don't see teams do the two for one as much as you do in the next, but can get a quality shot within seven or
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eight seconds. >> tim: dieng forces the turnover when it might have been a fifth foul. >> greg: i was going to say, to me, i don't think you take a quick one. 10 seconds is a lot of time to execute and get a good look. unfortunately, they create the turnover. >> tim: john calipari is letting john cahill know he had him by the arm. this should have been a foul. >> clark: hard to see from that particular angle. >> tim: he was making his point. behanan gets the easy one. >> greg: it's more than a two-possession game. >> tim: goodwin from downtown. yes. and a foul on siva. how big is that? it could be a four-point play. if it does go to overtime, siva won't be available. >> greg: this last four seconds
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or so we've seen a lot of things that you wouldn't consider smart basketball either way. >> greg: it isn't smart but from kentucky's standpoint it's aggressive. >> clark: i'm talking about the three-point shooter. >> greg: especially when you consider it's done by a senior. he's obviously not happy with the call but you've got to be a little smarter in this situation. >> tim: shot clock is off when they get the ball back. >> clark: give yourself a chance to force a turnover without fouling. >> greg: siva is your best free-throw shooter so you lose that luxury as well of him going to the line. >> tim: we'll see how the moves to the free-throw line go for louisville. they have been by far the more physical team in that area today, 81% on the season, two for four today.
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the iron awfully kind. >> greg: [laughing] >> tim: siva can't believe it. upset with himself. tough for a veteran player like him to sit and watch. a couple of those early fouls were giveaways. i'm sure he's thinking about that. one of the two. >> clark: a good, quality, fairly quick shot. >> tim: goodwin in traffic. turns it over. behanan all the way to the rack. still a two-possession game. kentucky needs a quick one. mays. noel lost it. last touched by louisville with eight seconds left.
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>> greg: partner, they just stay active. >> clark: they don't give up on it. >> greg: got himself in a little bit of a tiff there trying to attack. they cut off all the passing lanes and created that turnover opportunity. >> tim: noel winding down. the free throw goes with 1.8 left but louisville can stay home with a "w," a hard-earned victory at that. 80-77. for clark kellogg, greg anthony, tim brando, saying so long. tonight on cbs. back-to-back episodes of "made in jersey" followed by "48 hours." i'm out of breath. this has been a presentation of
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cbs sports. home of the 2013 men's national championship.
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 >> a wintry mix across the washington region is making some highways slippery while falling temperatures could cause freezing tonight. good evening, everyone. bruce johnson is off this evening. snow mixed with rain across most of the area today. the white stuff fell heavy at times but no big accomplices. the question now is what should we expect tonight and tomorrow morning? let's head straight over to erika in the weather center. erika? >> well, we expect to see freezing conditions on some of the untreated roadways during the overnight hours because the temperature will dip below freezing overnight tonight. the temperatures were above freezing throughout most of the area as the snow started to approach. let's look at the pictures of this morning's snow. this is from stevens city, virginia. thank you, charlotte for
6:20 pm
sending that picture to us. the washington and old dominion trail, thank you, travis, for sending that picture. everything else is completely clear, which means for us, we'll see clearing for several days in our forecast. there's a view of the snow moving through new england. so if you do have friends and family traveling back to the d.c. metro earn from new england to new york city, they will have a few problems. make sure they have extra travel time and if they aren't aware of the snow, make sure you give them a head's up. 4 inches around the area. a quick look at snow totals in virginia. as i menned before, the temperatures are dipping. >> thank you, erika. much of the region is
6:21 pm
under a winter weather advisory because of the snow. central and western maryland got the worst of it. scott broom has been keeping an eye on how highway crews and travelers have been handling things. >> reporter: suffering through heavy bursts of snow today. enough to coat interstate 70 with wheel-grabbing slush. maryland highway crews were put on the clock as early as 2:00 a.m. to meet this storm and fight back with tons of salt. >> going to pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> reporter: get going reviews from holiday travelers. how do you think maryland's done? >> fantastic. >> yeah, a great job. >> reporter: they are advising advising motorists to avoid travel. some are headed to white tail, which opened friday. >> it looks good. >> reporter: today's snow excited skiers, but it is the forecast for colder nights that excites don mccaskill because
6:22 pm
that means the man made snow can go with what nature brought today. >> the weather look goods for snowmaking as well as natural snow from time to time. >> i think it's really nice. >> reporter: so the message from today's storm is that winter is finally here. there are a lot of people who like it. scott broom, 9news now. a fire has claimed the life of an elderly woman and injured two others inside a green belt row home. police are still trying to determine what caused the deadly blaze on friday. ko, bring us up to date. >> good evening, sura pep broken glass -- surae. broken glass, and lives lost. firefighters found a senior citizen inside this burning house. >> what we're hearing is the
6:23 pm
possibility that she may have left the house, got out safely before returning back into the house. >> reporter: she did not survive. fast-moving flames ripped through the front and back of the home rising towards attic. >> i heard from my wife that my neighbor jumped off the second floor and his house mate got burns as she was trying to rescue the lady she was taking care of. >> the surrounding homes are thankful they are okay. >> we're grateful it wasn't any worse. our hearts go out to the family. at this time of year, you have to realize that this is an opportunity for the people in the neighborhood to come together. >> reporter: and we did see this tonight, neighbors coming
6:24 pm
by to see if the burtons needed extra help. the cause of the fire has yet to be determined. the name of the woman who died from this fire has yet to be released. as one prince george's county spokesperson said, "once you're out, stay out. live in green belt tonight, ko im, 9 newsp. >> thanks, ko. the fiscal cliff deadline is looming and senate leaders are trying to avert so the- called fiscal cliff. president obama says there is still time to reach an agreement, but he chastised lawmakers for waiting until the last minute. >> we're now at the point where in just a couple of days, the law says that every american's tax rates are going up. every american's paycheck will get a lot smaller. that would be the wrong thing to do for our economy. >> divided government is a good
6:25 pm
time to solve hard problems. in the next few days, leaders in washington have an important responsibility to work together to do just that. >> congressional leaders could present legislation to senators as early as tomorrow with a vote possible on sunday or monday. coming up on 9 news -- ♪ [music] ♪ a local music legend dies. we'll have a look back at the career of mike aldredge.
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welcome back, everybody. local blue grass music legend mike aldredch has died of cancer. he would have been 74 tomorrow. ♪ [music] ♪ he was a founding member of the group "the seldom seen." he also toured with performers like lyle lovett and amy lou
6:27 pm
harris. he played the get car known as a dobro. >> it was a way of amplifying mechanically of the guitar before the invention of the electric guitar. there's an aircraft aluminum resonator inside this guitar. the strings are suspended over that. it makes it louder than a normal guitar. >> he received many prestigious awards including a grammy and the blue grass association's distinguished achievement award. shortly before his death, he finished working on an album. he is survived by his wife elsie and two daughters. love that blue grass. by the way, the storm is well passed. >> and now we'll see the breezy conditions. let's look at the weather cam so we can give you a look at the occur represent conditions.
6:28 pm
no problems out there right now. just a few clouds and 32 degrees. the winds are out of the west at 8 giving us a humidity of 70%. right now, we are going to continue to see the skies clearing as we head through the overnight hours. i don't anticipate any more problems here. i think that we're going to have a few clouds drifting through as we head through the overnight hours. we'll see breezy conditions setting up as the storm system continues to move off to the north and east. all right? >> thank you. thanks so much for joining us for this abbreviated 9 news. we'll be back at 11:00.
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